Why Your Staff Will Love Lunch Catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

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Catered Office Lunches Are More Than Just a Free Meal for Employees

Lunch catering is a great way to motivate and inspire your employees, bring them all together and and show them some appreciation. Whether you choose lunch catering or pizza delivery, when you want the best pizza in San Mateo, choose Windy City Pizza and BBQ.

Some of the benefits of feeding the team a fresh, wholesome lunch include:


Show gratitude to those who show up and give their all each and every day. While lunch may seem like a simple gift, it’s a personal gesture that conveys gratitude and provides a platform to get to know your staff better.


Communal meals, like a catered lunch, help to foster solidarity among your staff, employees, and coworkers. It provides a time to talk and engage with others, while also creating a sense of unity over a delicious meal. Team members who are working toward common goals – and feel united with their cohorts – are usually more productive and satisfied overall at work.

Social Interaction

A lovely lunch is the perfect setting for social engagement and team bonding. Lighten the mood and make the work day a little brighter with some great pizza and BBQ from Windy City.


Nourish your team and give them something they’ll really enjoy for lunch. Tell them to skip the vending machines or fast food and offer some nutritious and delicious options, like farm-fresh salads, Texas BBQ (anyone on the Keto diet?) and deep dish pizza piled high with fresh veggies.

Have staff members with dietary restrictions or allergies? Don’t worry; Windy City Pizza and BBQ also offers gluten-free pizza, vegan cheese and vegetarian options. Please let us know about any and all dietary restrictions when placing your order.

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Improve overall morale with a tasty lunch prepared for your team. Had a rough day? A tasty meal can make you feel a whole lot better–and your employees, too.

Office Lunch Catering in San Mateo and Surrounding Areas

For farm-fresh dining in San Mateo and a top-notch catered lunch for your staff, contact Windy City Pizza and BBQ today! Enjoy the benefits of treating your team right, starting with lunch catering; it may even turn into a bi-weekly or monthly event that everyone looks forward to. Give us a call at (650) 578-1942 or contact us online here to schedule your next company lunch!