Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World

Creative Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World

Windy City Pizza offers the best pizza in San Mateo and, quite possibly, in the entire Bay Area. Or at least we (and our fans!) would say so. Our Chicago style pizza has inspired raving fans as well as critical acclaim.

But the sheer menagerie of pizza combinations served around the globe is astonishing. Let’s explore some of the creative (and often far-out) toppings people put on their pies.

For instance, in Finland, they serve smoked reindeer pizza. One local Finnish restaurant ironically named its reindeer pizza “the Berlusconi,” after Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who notoriously mocked Finland’s cuisine several years ago.

Down under, folks in Australia serve up a pizza at the Australian Hotel in Sidney known as the Coat of Arms. This consists of emu meat and kangaroo meat along with cranberries and bush tomatoes. In Scotland, local pizza makers have a special Haggis pizza in honor of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. This features the lungs, liver and heart of a sheep – it probably wouldn’t be so popular with the typical American teenager.

Closer to home in the United States, you can find pizzas like the Bronx Pastrami Pie, which contains a yummy but fearsome mix of ingredients, including pastrami, mustard and pickles. A pizza chain called Mr. Pizza, based in Los Angeles, serves up a Korean inspired concoction that contains practically everything in the refrigerator – nacho chip flakes, sour cream, corn, mushrooms, onions, potato wedges, bacon, beef and sweet potato mousse.

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