Windy City Pizza BBQ San Mateo Take Out Delivery

Windy City Pizza and BBQ Summer COVID Service Update

The Windy City Pizza and BBQ team continues to be deeply gratified and humbled by the strong support our San Mateo and Mid-Peninsula community has given us as we work through this global pandemic.

We are so heartened seeing the familiar faces of our long-term loyal regulars for “no contact” pick and curbside orders. And – to our delight – we are welcoming countless new customers, which inspires all of us during these tough times. This steady flow of business keeps the fires lit in our pizza oven and Texas BBQ pit!

Nothing is better than hearing that our pizza and BBQ are exactly the comfort food our customers crave as we all work through the unsettled environment caused by the pandemic. We promise to keep the fires lit! You keep ordering, and we’ll keep cooking!

We hear this refrain almost daily: “How can we help Windy City survive? I’ve been a customer for 20+ years and want to help ensure you’ll be here when life returns to normal.” So, some thoughts on how you can help us make the most of the orders you continue sending our way:

How Best to Help Windy City Pizza and BBQ During the Pandemic?

  1. If you live within our delivery area please order directly with us for dinner (deliveries start at 5 pm)
    1. Use Windy City’s own in-house on-line ordering service:
      If you search on “Windy City Pizza and BBQ” in the Google or Apple App Stores, you can also add our app to your phone:
    2. Call us at 650-578-1942 to place your order. With our dining room and bar closed by mandate, nothing cheers us up like hearing our phones ring.
  2. If you plan to pick up your order, please ALWAYS use HungerRush or call us directly rather than use one of our third-party partners. You may not know this, but delivery apps charge Windy City the same commission rate for both pick-up and delivery.
  3. If you have SLICE as one of your food ordering apps, SLICE deliveries are made by Windy City’s own hard-working delivery drivers during our normal hours of delivery. As we strive to keep the maximum number of our employees on payroll, SLICE continues as our preferred third-party partner.

Patio Dining Still Closed at Windy City

While we would love to open our small outdoor patio area for our customers, its configuration does not provide enough social-distanced space to make it possible for us to safely serve more than a few diners at a time. That – coupled with the many provisions of the Governor’s outdoor dining mandate – makes it not economically viable, so we have made the tough decision to stick with take-out business until we are allowed to safely and comfortably re-open.

Stick With Windy City and We Will Stick With You!

The pandemic has made the restaurant business even tougher than usual, but we have a plan to survive and thrive! Your ongoing support is making our plan work and we could not be more appreciative. Sincere thanks for all your welcome support since March 17 and, as always, we love hearing from you!

Windy City looks forward to serving you today, next week, next month and next year! Our motto “We Love Our Customers” rings truer than ever!