Bear Down! Sunday 9/18 5:20PM – Game 2: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

deep dish pizza san mateo
deep dish pizza san mateo

From Ronnie:

Hello Bears Fans!
Our Bears weathered the first half storm against the 49ers and took over the game in the second half to get the big win…they made my week! Bears looked like they were having fun at the end too, great energy! The message Ryan Poles had for the Bears when he arrived was “And the last thing, the most important piece is we’re gonna take the North and never give it back!” It starts Sunday night against the Packers, time to own Rodgers now! I know it’s on T.V. but come on down to Windy City Pizza so we can all enjoy this one together. I’ve got a good feeling we are going to go into Green Bay and kick some bleep and get it done!

It was great seeing everyone again after two long years. Thanks to Trish and Bob for hosting us since 1998. Wow – time flies! We all appreciated the breakfast foods for the opening game. Always great to see new faces in the house and sad to see fans move away, but the Bears club is going strong and I’m excited to see where our Bears go from here. I look forward to enjoying the season with all of you.
We beat the Niners. Yea! now let’s take care of The Packers Sunday night at 5:20pm.

See you all at Windy City Pizza.
Let’s Go Bears! Bear Down!

Thanks, Ronnie D.

From Trish:

deep dish pizza san mateo

Thanks to all the fans who showed up for the opener – nothing like all being together to see the Bears beat the Niners!

In our fans’ typical generous spirit of camaraderie, we had many great prize additions to the raffle table on Sunday. Big thanks to Cathy (who was at Soldier Field on Sunday), Virgine & Gio (who drive in from Turlock!), and Mario, for donating those terrific prizes. Dan told me last week he was donating the #1 shirt and wanted to raffle it off with proceeds going to the house to help with Windy City’s NFL Sunday Ticket fee (the commercial fee is way more expensive than residential.) No wonder we’ve missed this mid-Western spirit for the past two seasons! So Dan arrived with shirt and his own raffle tickets – ready to go! This is Dan’s project and he’ll be selling tickets at all Sunday morning games for the next several weeks. Please take a photo of your ticket for when we do the drawing. And thanks, Dan, for this great idea.

Go Bears!
Thanks, Trish

A Simple Way to Support Your Local Pizza & BBQ Restaurant

pizza delivery in san mateo

Did you know that the way you order your pizza delivery in San Mateo matters?

As a customer you probably don’t know that 3rd party delivery services like UberEats, Slice, DoorDash, and GrubHub all charge fees to businesses like ours for your orders. While the cost is not passed onto you, the consumer, our neighborhood pizza and BBQ restaurant must take from our own profits to have your orders delivered by a 3rd party.

Thankfully there’s a simple solution! If you live nearby and are ordering delivery or you are ordering for pickup we’d love it if you ordered either by phone or from our own in-house ordering system available here: or 650-578-1942.

As we continue to face challenges with the supply chain and work tirelessly to provide our customers with the same great Chicago deep dish pizza and Texas style pit-smoked BBQ in the Bay Area we need all the support we can get. We appreciate our customers’ patronage throughout the pandemic and continue to ask for your support as we recover from CoVID-19 supply shortages.

Consider Ordering Directly From Windy City Pizza and BBQ Restaurant in San Mateo

Help us serve you better and also support your local pizza and BBQ restaurant by helping us to avoid the costs of doing business with 3rd party delivery services.

What is there to lose?  Place your order with us today – order online for delivery or pickup.


Events Happening at Your Favorite Restaurant Due to Covid… That You Probably Did Not Know About

bbq restaurant in san mateo

How Has CoVID  Impacted Your Favorite Pizza and BBQ Restaurant in San Mateo?

I noticed a YELP review a few days ago where a customer stated she was not returning to a favorite restaurant in San Mateo because something had changed. This caught my attention as – for the last several months – Windy City has been unable to find the regular size portion cups for our BBQ side dishes… among other items. Prior to that, we were unable to source the lids for our portion cups. For over a year, there has been a shortage of pizza boxes and frequently our 2” deep box – absolutely necessary for our bigger, deeper pies – have been unavailable for weeks at a time. Meat, poultry, pepperoni, salami and cheese prices are through the roof. This past year, Beef prices increased 125%, Poultry 55%, Pork 16%, Soy Oil 110%. And Pizza boxes 35%.

We cannot source apple cider vinegar and our cooking oil runs anywhere from $36 to $75/box, depending on the supply chain. Availability of kegs and bottles of beer is totally random, week to week.

Our “Chicago’s Famous Eli’s Cheesecake” has not been available for two months! Paper goods, utilities and wages have all seen a dramatic price increase, plus many restaurants, including our pizza and BBQ restaurant in San Mateo, are coping with acute staff shortages, both back and front-of-house. So… if something seems out of the ordinary, please ask why! As has been well documented, more than 100,000 restaurants have already permanently closed throughout our country.

We need – and sincerely ask for – our customers’ continuing support, patience and understanding as our industry deals with unprecedented issues not seen in a generation. It’s easy to write a negative review, what’s not easy in these tough times is being able to find everything needed to keep Windy City Pizza & BBQ open.

Bob Yeats (owner)

Order the Best Pizza and BBQ in San Mateo

Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club 2021 Season Update

An Update to our Chicago Bears Fan Club Members from Trish and Bob

Dear Bears Fans;
All of us on the Windy City team hope you are all staying safe in these tough times.

Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been looking forward to the upcoming NFL and Chicago Bears season and planning with great delight to see all our BEARS fans at the club at the beginning of the season!

Following the emergence of the Delta variant, the CDC recommendations shifted and San Mateo County issued its August 3 “return to mask mandates indoors” for fully vaccinated people.

All very discouraging when we thought we were coming to the end of this pandemic. So, like everyone, we remain very concerned – for our staff and for everyone coming into Windy City, including our BEARS fans. Continue reading Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club 2021 Season Update


Windy City continues to welcome customers old and new to our dining room, bar and patio after 16 months of pandemic restrictions!

All of us at Windy City Pizza and BBQ thank all of you – our customers – for the support and loyalty you showed by ordering lunches and dinners for takeout or delivery during the pandemic. You kept us afloat! Plus, we are thrilled to have many new takeout and delivery customers join our Windy City family!

Third-Party Delivery App Commissions Have Increased Once Again to as Much as 30%+

Last Fall, San Mateo County imposed a 15% limitation on the commission rates charged by third-party apps like GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash. Those limitations were lifted June 15. So these third party delivery companies are now taking 30%+ of Windy City’s delivery/pick up revenue.

We ask for your continued help as we attempt to return to more normal operations. We all understand how convenient it is to use a 3rd party app but our little pizza joint just cannot compete with these huge 3rd party companies. (None of them has reached profitability, either, so we don’t expect better pricing from them anytime soon!)

We’ve been in business for over 30 years…please take just a few steps to help us keep going for many years to come:

  • Call us at 650-578-1942. Not only can we take your order, we can answer menu / pricing /any other questions. Plus, in these tough times, hearing our phones ring always lifts our spirits!
  • Use Windy City’s in-house on-line ordering system, HungerRush. Orders placed through HungerRush do not incur any third party fees! There is a phone app for HungerRush, and you can also access it via your desktop computers.


  • By placing your order directly with us, you help Windy City continue to keep our three hard working delivery drivers employed!
  • Because our drivers are employees, we have more control over delivery of your order. Drivers are on site, standing by for evening delivery (5pm to Close), so your food is delivered still hot in our thermal bags. A third-party delivery person might not use thermal bags and could have multiple orders stacked up for delivery ahead of yours.

We understand some customers prefer the convenience of using 3rd party apps and Windy City is trying hard to make the delivery app economics work during these tough times. We always appreciate your business!


We all look forward to better days as we move through 2021. Regardless, we soldier on, baking pies and smoking meat to serve some of the best Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and Texas Smokehouse BBQ you can find in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Thank you, everyone! We hope to hear from you all very soon (by phone and HungerRush!) And, of course, we are delighted to welcome you back though our doors for indoor/patio dining.

Why are BBQ Meat Prices Going Through the Roof?

Meat prices have been rising dramatically. The recent ransom hacking of JBS, one of the world’s largest meat processors, put meat prices in the headlines, but restaurants like Windy City have been seeing supply constraints and big price jumps for months. The hacking episode merely made the situation worse!

Meat Prices for our BBQ Dishes Have Risen Dramatically in 2021

Meat price volatility made menu pricing for Windy City very difficult to hold down, and because the trend is not likely to reverse itself anytime soon, we have had to increase menu prices.

A number of factors drive the rise in pricing for our meat products: Continue reading Why are BBQ Meat Prices Going Through the Roof?

Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club – December Update

To Our Bears Fan Club Members from Ronnie, Trish and Bob;

Hello Bears Fans – Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you and your families are safe and healthy!

Let’s talk Bears football! Our crazy season fits right in with this crazy 2020 year, where we were 5 and 1 and then, well, things just fell apart for the next six weeks. We all went from being proud Bears fans to being very frustrated and embarrassed. After all that, we still have a slim chance to make the playoffs. Now Nagy’s job is in jeopardy as well as Pace and our team could be starting over next season. But I’m hoping with our re-shuffled offensive line, and Trubisky playing with a chip on his shoulder, that we may have a shot. Throw in Montgomery becoming the Back we always knew he was and the Offensive Coordinator finally realizing what we have in Cole Kmet and how best to use him, and Graham to compliment Robinson and our young receivers and we’ll get this Offense really moving. If that all comes together, we might just have a shot! Continue reading Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club – December Update