BBQ Pit Master Tips: Top Wood Choices for Smoking Meat

Which Wood Should You Use for Smoking the Best BBQ?

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©2015 John Livzey for Windy City Pizza and BBQ
If you go out of your way for the best barbecue restaurant (meaning Windy City, of course), then chances are you like to barbecue at home as well. The aspiring barbecue master, particularly one wishing to brave the world of cooking over wood, shouldn’t be limited by one kind of timber. Experimenting with different types of woods will help you discover which meats and seasonings you prefer. Additionally, the learning process will make you a real expert. As background in that process, here are two wood basics: Continue reading BBQ Pit Master Tips: Top Wood Choices for Smoking Meat

Windy City Pizza visits Pizzeria Mozza in L.A.

A long awaited trip to L.A to visit Pizzeria Mozza – Nancy Silverton’s (La Brea Bakery and a great chef) introducing L.A. to classic Neapolitan Pizza some years ago. At Windy City we do a thin crust pizza called “Chicagopolian”, Neopolitan inspired but built for a hardier appetite.

Watching the artisans at Mozza’s using such a variety of finishing ingredients was inspiring! Can chive oil, Maldon sea salt, white anchovies over roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes and burrata be popping up at Windy City in the future?!

Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

When it Comes to the Best Pizza, it’s All About the Cheese

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Every day, 1 in 8 Americans chow down on pizza. Really, who could blame these folks? Pizza is a magnificent food! The cheese of choice most commonly used is mozzarella, which gives pizza an authentic flavor that no other cheese does. But why, exactly, does mozzarella make the best pizza? Why don’t people use, for instance, Gorgonzola or blue cheese? Continue reading Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

Why Italian Beef Sandwiches are a Must-Have on the Windy City Menu

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Thinly sliced Italian beef ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ
Italian beef sandwiches are a staple of Chicago, in the same way that cheesesteaks represent the great city of Philadelphia. The Italian beef sandwich originated in the Windy City – historians date the sandwich’s inception to the 1930s. Today, vendor carts, local fast food chains, and nearly all Italian-style restaurants offer some variation of this classic sandwich. A 1999 History Channel documentary on specialty foods highlighted the Italian beef sandwich as a quintessential American product. Continue reading Why Italian Beef Sandwiches are a Must-Have on the Windy City Menu

The Anatomy of a Chicago Style Hot Dog

Vienna Beef Hot Dogs: A “Must” for the Chicago Dog

vienna beef hot dogs san mateoThe right kind of hot dog is a beautiful creation of signature meats and flavors. That’s exactly what our Chicago style hot dog offers. A hot dog experience is all about the dog, the bun, and the toppings. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of the perfect Chicago dog. Continue reading The Anatomy of a Chicago Style Hot Dog

Is Deep Dish Pizza Really “Pizza”?

The Debate Between Chicago Style Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza

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Tradition thin “Chicagopolitan” pepperoni pizza alongside a custom-built Chicago style deep dish pizza. ©2015 Windy City Pizza & BBQ
Whether you’re searching for pizza restaurants in San Mateo to schedule a lunch date, or exploring lunch catering in Foster City to surprise a corporate client, you may have heard the buzz about deep-dish pizza. Is it really pizza? Or is it something else entirely? Continue reading Is Deep Dish Pizza Really “Pizza”?

Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World

Creative Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World

Windy City Pizza offers the best pizza in San Mateo and, quite possibly, in the entire Bay Area. Or at least we (and our fans!) would say so. Our Chicago style pizza has inspired raving fans as well as critical acclaim.

But the sheer menagerie of pizza combinations served around the globe is astonishing. Let’s explore some of the creative (and often far-out) toppings people put on their pies. Continue reading Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World