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Windy City’s Famous Pit-Smoked BBQ

Texas Meat Market Style

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Pit-Smoked Meats

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs
Texas Beef Back Ribs
18-hour Texas Brisket
14-hour Smoked Pork Shoulder
Rib Tips (bite-size pork rib portions)
Brined & Smoked Chicken
Texas Hot Links

House Made Side Dishes

Pint Feeds 3-4 1/2 Pan Feeds 25 Full Pan Feeds 50
3-Cheese Mac & Cheese

Parm, Aged White & Yellow Cheddar

8.50 50.00 100.00
Potato Salad
BBQ Beans (avail. no meat)
Sweet Potatoes
Southern Collard Greens
8.50 42.00 84.00
Corn Muffins – Butter/Honey
1.50 ea 15.00 doz
House-Made Texas BBQ Sauce

mild or hot

 2.50 6oz  6.50 pint
Bubba’s Pigdip – vinegar based
 2.50 6oz  6.50 pint
Carolina Mustard Sauce
3.75 6oz 10.00 pint

Fresh Garden Salads

Comes with Garlic Sticks

1/2 Pan Feeds 15 Full Pan Feeds 30
House Salad
25.00 45.00
28.50 49.00


    • Our Large Pizza has 8 slices and a normal portion is 2 slices each. So, 1 Large feeds 4 people. Some younger customers or lighter eaters may only want 1 slice.
    • Large Pizzas run from $24.00 to $37.50, depending upon selected toppings.
    • Add a Garden salad or Caesar Salad in ½ or full pan size – this gives everyone Pizza and Salad, well priced.
    • Our Entre salads feed 2 people. Most of our salads are available as a ½ pan size for 10 people. Full pan size for 20 people.
    • Everybody’s first choice is St. Louis Spareribs. They come 12 bones to a slab and we normally recommend 2 or 3 bones each.
    • Wind City prices its BBQ a la carte because there are so many ways to combine customers’ selections.
    • A typical ¼ chicken, 2 Ribs, 2 Sides plus Corn Muffin is approx. $20.90 per person.
    • Windy City offers a BBQ sandwich option with one side from $13.50 to $15.75 per person: BBQ Chicken, 18 hour smoked Texas Brisket, 14 hour smoked Chopped Pork.
    • A salad or 2nd side can be added very economically.
    • We also do a full range of other BBQ Sandwiches, plus several Chicago Specialty Sandwiches .
    • Chicago’s Famous Italian Beef Sandwich with 1 side for $14.50.
    • Equally well known is the loaded Chicago Hot Dog with chips for $8.75.

It helps the ordering process enormously if we can have a brief conversation with our customers to determine budget, food preferences, type of occasion (i.e. simple lunch for a large group or celebratory dinner, etc.) We can simplify the process and guide you on everything from quantities to appropriate sides, to making selections that maximize your budget.

Save Money – Priced Like You’re Eating In-House

Spoons, Spatulas & Tongs Provided No Additional Charge

Heavy Duty Plates & Cutlery, Napkins & Wet Wipes (Free for 25 people or more) .15 ea person

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