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Best of Chicago/BBQ in the bay!?
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“My parents used to bring me here when I was a kid and now I bring my kids.

The deep dish crust is INCREDIBLE. My favorite crust in all the Bay Area. I could eat just the crust but of course the addition of the meats and cheese is fantastic. Every single bit is full of crust, cheese, and meats. It’s always made to order and if the staff is always willing to accommodate my requests. Two slices is more than enough for me because they are hefty. I wish I could eat more but I save room for the chicken wings, chicken Cesar salad, and a classic Italian beef sandwich (MESSY). All good eats!

The service is attentive and fast. The team works hard and provides excellent service. The dinning area is large and offers big booths for large groups. They also offer outdoor seating. I’ve seen the lady owner walking around a few times and I always see her talking to customers at their tables. I’ve been here so many times but haven’t tried the BBQ. Adding to my list for future visits.”

– Tina L. – Yelp Review 4/6/2022

“My boyfriend and I come here about 2 times a month. Super friendly staff and they make us feel special every time. They almost already remember our order. The food is delicious! Our fav pizza spot in San Mateo!”
-Gemma E.

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“Windy City is our neighborhood place for deep dish and ‘cue. It’s a favorite for birthday dinners and casual walks from Baywood. The outside seating is nice in Summer, and sometimes we bring our dog.”
-Joe Blaylock.

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“I have been enjoying this food for over 35 years, back when he was in Belmont. The deep dish stuffed crust pizza is unique to this restaurant.
The Fridge is a must have. The Pig isa great pie as well. The bbq pork ribs are equally good.
I have been to Chicago personally, and could not find a Chicago-style pizza to top this place. If you are new to the area, this is a must try place.”
-Jon Cooke

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“Chicago deep dish pizza at this place is so good. The crust differentiates this place. It’s not too doughy, more like layers of goodness. The service is super attentive. The wait staff made sure that everything is provided and clean.”
-Thip R.

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“Classic Chicago deep dish pizza. The pizzas are cooked to perfection. No burnt areas and the cheese is gooey delicious. The crust is flaky and not hard like other pizzas. They also have awesome Texas style bar b que. The ribs are smokey and tender. If you order ribs and a pizza, you have an awesome meal.”
-Spencer Price

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“Soooooo good!!!! We usually order the deep dish mushroom and spinach with red head (tomato sauce on top), we have never been disappointed! It’s super loaded with provolone cheese and mozzarella, tasty, juicy, soft crust and a pool of tomato sauce, pure heaven.
The dough has a very interesting sweet aftertaste, I really like it.
Normally, knowing that it takes 45 minutes, we order at the phone and then pick it up, never had any issues of any kind. For us its a staple when we crave comfort food!”
-Michelle C.

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“Excellent deep dish pizza and a good variety of beers on tap to go along with the pizza.”
-Philip K .

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“The food was awesome.  We had the BBQ and it certainly was some of the best I have tasted.  It could be a little more seasoned, but still very good.  We had the collard greens and Mac and cheese and it was tasty.  Peach cobbler was awesome.  Just a great little place.  Servers were also very personable.  I highly recommend it.  Ribs are a nice size and we are eaters so you probably could get away with a half of slab unless you want leftovers.”
-Melissa M .

“We came here specifically for two items: Chicago Dog and Italian Beef.  OMG!!!!!  I seriously wish this place was within walking distance.  Being born in Chicago and living in the Northwest burbs for half my life, I do know when these two sandwiches taste like I’m back in Chicago…and they did. Can’t wait to return for a Bears game. Too bad they don’t serve Old Style any longer.  We also ordered a deep dish pizza. It was quite good.  BTW, the staff is terrific too.”
-Suzie K.

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“The first time I came here we got a pizza and ribs. Both were the best I’ve ever had in my life… The BBQ was awesome perfectly smoked meat and I loved the sauce.”
-Jim S.

“It’s really hard to find Chicago style pizza here in the Bay Area…So far, the pizza has always been really awesome. It’s very true to the Chicago style and the flavors are delicious. The crust is my favorite part and it’s very, very tasty.”
-Priscilla S.


“Great bbq’d meats. Wonderful meal! I couldn’t ask for better service! Trish and the gang treated us like family. Trust me I travel for bbq and this one is a winner. Come to a place that “get’s it.” Good food and good people!”
-Alan N.

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“Absolutely love this place. Great food, great people, great customer service. This place is full of Chicago Bear fans every Sunday! #beardown We used to come here every Sunday to watch football games but we moved away temporarily so we stopped coming. Today is the first time we’ve been back, and the owners welcomed us with hugs (like they do every time we come & to many customers). Point being…it can’t get any better than this.”
– (5 star Yelp review) Cristina M. San Jose, CA

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“Still love this place 2+ yrs after my first review. I have also tried the thin and redhead style. Redhead (tomato sauce on top) is pretty darn tasty, and the thin is well done. Of course, the thick crust regular style still reigns. Always plenty of cheese on the pizza, which is a must. We have ordered takeout many times for social get togethers at our place, never been disappointed.”
– (5 star Yelp review) Philip L. Redwood City, CA

“My husband and I are big deep dish pizza fans. After searching from Berkeley to San Francisco we think we have found the best “Chicago” style pizza at Windy City in San Mateo. It was even better than the Chicago Pizza we had in Chicago. Their sauce is great and there is a little cornmeal in the crust. They do not have the layer of tomatoes on top that you find at Zachary’s so it is not as acidic. The ingredients are plentiful and over the sauce and under the cheese. I hear the BBQ is great but we drive 45 minuets to get there so we always get the pizza. We order extra large and freeze the extra.”
– (5/5 review on TripAdvisor) RoxyTravel San Francisco, CA




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